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Hi, I’m Stevi, a stylist, costume designer, highly skilled multi material maker, project manager/coordinator and supervisor with a [fashion/business degree] from the University of Brighton and with many years of extensive experience from a large and varied number of projects.​ I've worked across a wide range of genres including television production, commercials, celebrity styling, music videos, stills and film managing a range of budgets. My main larger clients have included; NBC, Paramount, Disney, BBC, ITV, Netflix, Sony, Channel 4, Sky and Channel 5.


​ I'm a diplomatic communicator with a good sense of humour which has enabled me to successfully and calmly deal with the challenges inherent in these demanding job roles and to develop many lasting working relationships. I'm innovative and conscientious and always look to inject my unique creative flair into my client’s vision. I work consistently to the highest standards under huge pressure and with tight deadlines to deliver outstanding design and professionalism and pride myself on being able to manage well organised, efficient and adaptable teams. ​


I'm based in Manchester & London.

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